Author: Principa Wisdome

This course will give you an overview of the skills you need to become a successful collections supervisor or manager .  Learn about the objectives, stages and drivers of collections, how credit drives collections, how to structure your call to optimise collections, and learn how your agents can sharpen their communication and negotiation skills to collect like a pro. 

What you will learn:

During this eLearning model the learner will be taught Best Practice Collections Skills and Telephone Techniques. The course is structured into 4 modules, namely:

1)  Introduction to Collections Skills and Telephone Techniques

2)  Communication Behaviour

3)  Negotiation Skills and Techniques, and

4)  Structuring Conversations.

These modules will provide the delegate with an overall understanding of the best practice telephones skills within a collections environment.

Module 1 of the course covers the credit life cycle, the objectives and key drivers of collections. Module 2,3,4 cover the operational aspects of a collections call centre and empowers the delegates with theoretical aspects of telephone calls (behaviours) and enables the delegate to structure and control a telephone conversation as well as how to negotiate with a client.